Michele the Trainer’s Corporate Wellness Programs Offer Time/Cost Savings

  • Are you a business owner looking for ways to reduce your healthcare costs, improve your worker’s productivity and cut down on worker’s compensation costs?
  • Do you want to improve the energy level in your workplace?
  • Would you like to give your employees motivational and nutritional guidelines that will get them moving?

8-risks-15-conditions-80-costs-aon (1)   ( AON Hewitt 2012 Health Care Survey and based on the World Economic Forum’s data.) Michele the Trainer provides companies with simple, easy-to-follow strategies that help their teams grow stronger, healthier and happier. Coming from a corporate background, Michele is sensitive to the challenges corporate employees have in finding time to de-stress and create healthy living habits. She incorporates sensible, yet effective steps that help your organization meet the healthy living standards your insurer has set.

Here are some healthy living facts and Michele’s solutions:

Fact—People who have more energy and a simple plan for success are happier and healthier.

Solution—Michele the Trainer shows people how to find their inner energy and strength. She leads by example, having made the lifestyle choices that allowed her to lose over 165 pounds. Today, she takes the lessons she’s learned and shows others how to do it too.

Fact—Everyday there are thousands of new diet crazes and most of them will never work.

Solution—Michele the Trainer has innovative and realistic solutions to improve your health, fitness and overall well-being.

  • 5 Ways of Wellness – Discover the top 5 secrets to increase productivity and sales and decrease workplace absences.
  • Motivation, Movement and Mindset – Want to fire up and educate an audience? Boost their success with Michele’s 3 Ms.

“Create a workplace culture of health, improve employee morale, reduce sick days and boost performance and productivity across your organization today.”

Michele’s message of good nutrition, health and fitness appeals to people from all walks of life. Find out how Michele the Trainer can give your organization a renewed boost of energy and create a sustainable wellness program that will offer your employees a healthier future. while providing you cost-savings and peace of mind.

Need an effective, energetic speaker? Ask Michele about her Wellness Speaking Events.

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