Do you want to feel younger and more agile? Do you need to lose 5, 10, 50 or 150 pounds? What if you had to lose 165 pounds? Could you do it and keep the weight off for 15 years? World-famous health and wellness crusader Michele the Trainer did just that ─ and her groundbreaking presentations will motivate you to do the same. Michele’s ability to connect with her audience and her inspiring success stories (including her own) will lift your spirits, transform your mindset, and motivate you to start your new health and fitness regime today. Her talks are great for a wide range of audiences, from corporate to the entertainment industry, from entrepreneurs to women’s groups, and will inspire any age group, from children to seniors.

Michele is a great speaker, she motivates, and educates with great energy and passion.
~ Professor A. Cornejo, Everest College 

Need some fresh energy and a confidence boost for your group? Michele is a world-class motivator, celebrity trainer, and published author whose mission is to help individuals, groups and communities to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience as a corporate engineering project manager, she has transformed her talent for organizing and motivating work teams into a high-energy health and fitness system that really works!

Want fewer absences and a positive shift in outlook and attitude in the workplace? Michele’s high-energy talks are perfect for business groups and corporations, and will breathe new life into anyone’s fitness routine. You’ll learn how to make time to take care of yourself and transform your body into the strong, healthy one you deserve. The result? Better performance, more stamina and confidence, and increased productivity in all areas of your life ─ and you can use all that extra energy to pursue your dreams!

Michele the Trainer is a highly sought-after freelance Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach in Southern California who walks her talk and shares that path with others. She lives an organic vegan/yoga lifestyle and has maintained her own 165-pound weight loss ─ with no drugs or surgery ─ for over fifteen years. Michele’s fitness history includes over 20 full marathons (she was a pace leader for the LA Marathon), and many outdoor endurance running and distance cycling events, as well as a martial arts and boxing background based on the Bruce Lee tradition. Michele teaches group exercise, with intensity ranging from fierce to restorative, and her list of offerings includes: Boot Camp, Spinning, Athletic Aquatic Fitness, Traditional Aquatic Fitness, Low Impact classes, Mind-Body Fusion (Yoga/Chi Gung and Tai Chi), Restorative Yin Yoga and Warm Water and Land Post Physical Therapy. She is the lead fitness instructor, post physical therapy, at a private branch of Providence Hospital restricted to entertainment industry members. Michele has been published in many fitness and wellness magazines, and she is ACE, AFAA, AEA, American Heart Association and Red Cross Certified.

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